Community Ties

A major challenge for us is to make the church building a focal point in the community, to reach out into that community as effective witnesses to Christ and to draw people into the fellowship of Christians based at St Philip’s. We hope that by developing the building to provide essential facilities we will be able to open our doors to a diverse range of community groups thus creating links with different people within the community.

We also have strong ties to the neighbouring “Saltways Cheshire Home” – regular services are held there and a number of the residents attend services at St Philip’s. Services are also held in other residential homes in the area led by the clergy of the Redditch Holy Trinity parish team and supported by members of the congregation.

A full range of seasonal services take place at St Philip’s. Of particular note is the Christmas Eve Crib service for families and particularly young children, which has attracted large numbers in recent years.

St Philip's in the snow

St Philip’s in the snow