Our vision is:

  • to proclaim the love of God as manifest in Jesus Christ to the whole community
  • to nurture the existing congregation, enabling them to grow in knowledge and love of God through our common worship, through study of scripture and through fellowship
  • to be a living church not constrained by the boundaries of the church building
  • to meet the needs of individuals and families at times of vulnerability whether they are from within or outside the congregation
  • to witness to the relevance of Christianity to all age groups in the community around St Philip’s


  • encouraging all members of the congregation to bear witness to our Christian faith within St. Philip’s Church, the local community and wider community
  • developing alternative ways of worship with a focus on increasing involvement of children, young people and families.
  • strengthening the congregation not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of frequency of attendance
  • enabling all members of the congregation to play a full part in the Diocesan Ministry of mission, pastoral care, worship and finance according to their talents
  • making full use of our church building providing space for worship, fellowship, community, health and educational uses by local groups in the Parish thereby encouraging them to become part of the community of St. Philip’s Church.
  • supporting the Clergy in their ministry and playing a full and active part in the work and fellowship of the Parish Team
  • meeting our financial commitments in the form of the Parish Share as part of our commitment to the Diocese.