Great War Exhibition and Vigil

From 4th to 9th August 2014 St Philip’s Church, Webheath hosted an exhibition to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Great War. Pictures from the exhibition have been added to our site here.

From 10pm to 11pm on the evening of Monday 4th August there was a candlelit vigil to remember the start of Britain’s involvement in the war. A video of this vigil has been posted on YouTube.  The video makes use of periods of silence and blank screens to represent the ‘darkness’ of the time.

The exhibition was opened by Karen Lumley MP and more than 300 visitors came, with many returning four or five times during the week.

Amateur researchers had spent the last 18 months looking into the background of about 400 men from Redditch killed during the war and commemorated on memorials in the Redditch area and those buried in the Plymouth Road cemetery